TCF/ST. Paul Chapter Meeting Guidelines

We are very sorry for the reason you are here but glad that you found us.

We gather here to share the pain of grief as well as the recovery of grief. We are not professionals, but bereaved family members offering friendship and understanding by talking, listening, crying and, at times, even by laughing. We would like you to share with us tonight; however, we recognize in early grief sharing your story can be difficult, if not impossible, so please do not feel pressured to speak.

TCF has no religious affiliation and is not a faith-based organization; however, we respect everyone’s right to their beliefs.

Let’s be sensitive to each others feelings and where we are in our grief journeys, as each is in a different place. Please respect each other’s comfort level—we all have different thresholds and therefore we are going to have varying abilities to hear certain stories.

We are aware that anger and frustration can play a part in the grieving process for many of our members; however, we ask that you refrain from profanities and inappropriate language out of respect to our members.

Remember it is important that everyone who wishes to talk gets a chance to do so. We also ask that you do not carry on side conversations when someone else is talking.

What is discussed this evening is personal and should be kept confidential and not discussed outside of our meeting. This is your group and we want it to be a safe place for all of our members.

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