“LOVE GIFTS” are tax-deductible donations given in loving memory of our children, siblings, grandchildren or other loved ones by family, friends, or others who wish to help with the work of the St. Paul Chapter. Our chapter isself-supporting and we are funded solely through donations. The Compassionate Friends are a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization and your donations to the St. Paul Chapter are tax deductible.

Donations are used for the following and other unforeseen expenses:

  • Meeting Space
  • Refreshments
  • Printing and mailing newsletters & flyers
  • Postage and information sent to new families
  • Packets and materials for new members
  • Outreach information to funeral homes, hospitals, law enforcement, churches, hospices, etc.
  • Annual World Wide Candle Lighting Event
  • Featured speakers for our meetings and events
  • Resources such as books, pamphlets, videos for lending library
  • Meeting supplies
  • Yearly chapter dues paid to the TCF National organization

Love Gift donations are the chapter's sole source of income and your support is greatly appreciated.
Thank You so much for your support!

You can mail your Love Gift donations to:

TCF of St Paul
c/o Cathy Seehuetter
7884 Irish Ave South
Cottage Grove, MN55016-2072


Our chapter members have an opportunity to remember their child, sibling, or grandchild by sponsoring the printing and/or postage of an edition of our newsletter. The newsletter is our chapter's largest expense (mailed 4 times a year), yet one of our most important ways of outreach and support to our present and future members. Some of our members like to sponsor a newsletter for their child’s birthday or remembrance day. You can sponsor both postage and printing, or you can do one or the other.

  1. Cost of printing the newsletter: approximately $200
  2. Cost of postage: approximately $100 (depending on number of pages, weight of paper and cost of postage)

Your sponsorship will be acknowledged in the newsletter with a small photo of your child, grandchild or sibling.

If you would like to sponsor a newsletter, please call Cathy at 651.459.9341 or email at tcfstpaul2012@comcast.net.


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