Annual Balloon Release
 (Bubbles provided for those who prefer them)
Beaver Lake Lutheran Church
2280 Stillwater Ave, Maplewood MN
      This year, unlike others before, we are having our annual Balloon/Bubble Chapter event on a Saturday,a separate day from our meeting so that we can still have our September meeting for sharing. We completely understand the need for time at our meetings to share and discuss our thoughts.
   Some things to remember for that day:
Balloons and bubbles are provided
- The St Paul Chapter will provide beverages and sandwiches, as well as plates and plastic ware
- If you are able, please bring something to go with the sandwiches provided, i.e., salads,appetizers,dessert,cookies/bars,etc.
- We will have small notepaper to write a message to tie to the balloon with ribbon and send the note heavenward.
-  Any questions please call 651-459-9341 or email